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What's the latest with Michael Drews?

Back in 1977 my brothers, Paul Drews and Carl Drews, put a time capsule in Green Lake, Wisconsin. The time capsule was supposed to release from the bottom of the lake and float up to the surface some time in the future, based on corrosion of a steel and brass link to an anchor weight.

They didn't anticipate somebody finding them with Google searches that many years ago, but this page should have enough key words for somebody to track down the source of that time capsule if it ever resurfaces.

I got married to the most wonderful person in the world in 2008, and am enjoying married life very much. Now I'm trying to keep up with two kids, which makes for an interesting split sleep schedule.

Sometimes a recreation turns into an obsession. But if you set high goals, you can accomplish great things.

I missed the goal of qualifying for the Olympic Trials in 2006, but I managed to skate my age in the 500 meter distance (43.94 on 2/24/2007), and have done every distance (10,000 meters in 17:42.78 on 2/17/2007, 21.05 mph), so who knows what's left?

On the employment front I'm now working at DriverTech in the industrial heartland of West Valley City providing 99.99+% uptime for transportation fleet monitoring and management systems.

In April of 2005 Lake Powell was down to one third of capacity due to an extended drought in the Colorado River Basin. I took a quick trip down to Hite, Hall's Crossing, and Bullfrog to see and get pictures of the exposed landforms. I was able to compare these views with pictures from 1990 and 1962, when my family crossed the Colorado River on the Hite Ferry.

It did my heart good seeing the Colorado River flowing under the Utah Highway 95 bridge. The Colorado was looking the way it is supposed to: too thin to plow, too thick to drink. I've posted my pictures for all (including the web crawlers) to see.

All right, it's time to tear yourself away from that computer screen and maybe even go tango or contra dancing in Utah or elsewhere.
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